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Project Updates May 15, 2018 

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Your Money, Your Board, and Management Co. at Work

Lake 2 bulkhead is complete. Top cap has just been installed and the ground is now being backfilled with dirt. Once this is complete, the landscaping contractor will move in to repair 32 irrigation zones. This is scheduled to start on 5/21/18 and should last 3 -4 days. Please note that this is a very large amount of irrigation zones to be repaired. The charge to repair these zones is $ 9,600 materials and labor included. After the irrigation is repaired, a subcontractor will come in to spray seed the whole area for a total of $ 4,800 – all inclusive. The seeding will be done with three different types of grass which will optimize the greening of the area in 3-4 weeks. Please note that no bidding was done on this as we already have a Landscaping company on contract. Should you like to see the proposals, please contact April at Austin properties for a copy.

Lake 3 bulkhead is in progress and the top cap is currently being installed. After the top cap is installed, just like Lake 2, the shore will have to be backfilled and smoothed before inspecting the irrigation system. As of this writing, there are NO proposals as we have not completed the inspection. The bulkhead project is expected to be completed by May 25, 2018

Pool Area
In preparation for the upcoming pool season, the wading pool – kiddie pool – has been completely re-plastered (resurfaced). This was completed the week of May 7th. The board asked for 3 bids and decided to award it to the current Pool Contractor for $ 1,700 (all inclusive). Preparation of the pool area, including power washing will be forthcoming. As of this writing, we do not have an estimate and/or proposals for the power washing. The lifeguard chair needs a new footboard which will be replaced by the pool contractor based on a proposal for $ 750 – labor and materials. There are several other items needed for cleaning, safety, and compliance with state regulations that will cost $ 666.10. After these expenses, the pool will be complete ready for the season.

As indicated previously, the community is getting the common areas landscaping refreshed and improved. There are several areas included and the work is already in progress. You should see improvements in the Cul-de-Sacs and the areas around the section monuments, as well as the entry.

Street Lighting
As suggested by some homeowners, the board is investigating the LED conversion. What is known already is that there are NO replacement for the Luminaire poles – the black decorative ones on Old Orchard Dr. and Old Oak Drive – so those will stay with the current light bulbs until LED replacements are available. LED kits are available for the rest of the street lights. The board is waiting on information from Centerpoint to evaluate the proposal and make a decision.

The board conducted a walk through the building with the contractor. The complete work was reviewed
and a few additional items were requested to be completed part of the main repair, and the interior
paint is going to be refreshed (retouched) for $ 2,500. All the structural issues were corrected, the roof
complete replaced, and with the paint, the clubhouse should be ready for rentals tentatively by the end
of the month of May.

Lake Fountains
As it has been discussed in several Board meetings, our fountains are nearing their useful life span – 10
years. It has also been mentioned, and in fact the Lake Management owner/President has been in two
separate meetings discussing the future plans for the fountains, so the board has been saving $ 20,000
for the last two budget years to cover fountain replacements as needed. The most problematic
fountains have been those on Lake 5. Both fountains are now down. One of them, the south one, is
slated for a complete replacement as there is no longer a repair that could save it. This fountain is being
ordered and will be replaced by Lake Management – LM- (our established contractor) for $ 10,936
which is a complete replacement with new controller box and wiring. The other Lake 5 fountain is also
down and has been taken away to be tested to determine if a repair can buy it some more time. Once
the board receives that proposal and the recommendation from LM, a decision will be made to either
repair or replace. The money to replace two of them is in the cash reserves (please see budgets so you
understand how this is being allocated). Another fountain down is the one on the entry pond, or Lake
. This fountain has also been taken away to test and determine course of action. The board has not
received a report on it.

Next Board Meeting 
The clubhouse repair project has been further delayed due to a shipment delay on the replacement stone.  We understand it has arrived and the contractors have indicated it will be around a week to complete the installation.  Unfortunately, we will need to reschedule the Board meeting planned for April 19th.  Once this project is complete we will post notice of the next Board meeting. 

Deed Restriction Compliance
The OO Board recognizes and appreciates all the work the residents are doing in completing their “Spring Cleaning” and other needed maintenance on their residences as identified in the recent Audit.  A number of residents have commented to us they are seeing significant improvements around the neighborhood. Thank you!  
Please note the deed restriction inspections will restart in April with enforcements starting in May. (see update below for more detail)

Current Focus of the Board:

  • Oversight of major projects - Lake Bulkhead and Clubhouse repair
  • Working with Austin Properties to correct issues and improve tools and processes identified from Dec / Jan inspection Audit
  • Conducting Executive Sessions w/ residents to review violations and correct any issues.
  • Legal discussions leading to Members Meeting
  • Reviewing deed restriction inspection process for improvements
  • Seeking resident committees to assist with Communication, Finance, Deed Restriction Revision, Contract Services, and Social Activities

The board invites you to contribute to the community by volunteering for committees to help move our community forward.  Please contact Austin Properties if you wish to sign-up and did not do so at the Feb 22 Board Meeting.

Deed Restriction Compliance
The OO Board recognizes and appreciates all the work the residents are doing in completing their “Spring Cleaning” and other needed maintenance on their residences as identified in the recent Audit.  A number of residents have commented to us they are seeing significant improvements around the neighborhood. Thank you!  

The Board also wants to thank those residents who signed up and attended Executive Sessions to review and discuss their violation letters with the Board.  The Board was able to correct some mistakes on the violations, as well get valuable information and feedback from the residents which will be used to improve future inspections and letters.

As you are aware and based on your initial feedback, the Board put a hold on progression of enforcements, fines, and fees associated with the Audit until a review could be conducted.  Over the last two months the Board has reviewed information from the Audit results, feedback from the residents in Executive sessions, and reviews of the letters and is making needed changes to processes and tools used within the Management Company.  As we go forward, the Board is incorporating the findings from the Audit, but will NOT be using or progressing the extensive violations that were newly identified during the Dec/Jan Audit.  Instead, the Board asks you to use these items as a guide in addressing the maintenance on your property.  For clarity, violations prior to the Audit and items identified from the upcoming April inspections will be enforced.  Again, the Board thanks the many residents who have already addressed their maintenance items and those that are in the process of their spring cleaning.

Please note the deed restriction inspections will restart in April with enforcement actions starting in May. 

Old Orchard Clubhouse Repair/Renovation
​Clubhouse Availability Update- There are a few more items to complete on the Clubhouse repair punch list, including reinstalling the rock masonry.  Work is expected to be completed by mid-April.

 The inspection of the Pool house uncovered minor damage to the roof but much less than the Clubhouse had.  The other good news is there was no problem found with the installed flashing around the roof dormers.  No leaks were identified inside the Pool House and there is no need for a roof replacement at this time.

The total cost of this project is $61K of which the insurance will cover approximately $18K.  This project is also completely paid from reserve savings funds achieved by the board.

Lake Bulkhead Project
The project was held up the last few weeks while we answered a late engineering question from the Mud District.  This project will now resume in short order as we received the “green light” to proceed.    Lake #2 near the Clubhouse will be the first to have bulkheads installed around the lake edge, as it has the worst erosion.  Lake #3 will follow.  The project is anticipated to be completed within 60 working days, and work days will be Monday through Saturday. 

The total project cost is $337K all paid with funds from savings achieved by the board through proper cost managing and assessment allocations.

Please note that equipment and material are staged in the clubhouse parking area and around the lake.  While we will seek to minimize disruption to the playground, lake #2 sidewalk, and access to the clubhouse, we ask that you please stay clear of the construction and equipment areas for your own safety.

Landscape Improvements Project
The Board has approved a landscape project to replace the dead landscaping at the front entrance of Old Orchard, around the section monument markers within the neighborhood, and in various common areas that were lost in the hard freeze.  In addition, there will be new trees and landscaping planted at the OO entrance and within the round Cul de Sacs in the community which are currently bare.

The total project cost is $18K paid with funds from savings achieved by the board through proper cost managing and assessment allocations.

Compliance letters
The OO Board recognizes that you may be upset as a result of the audit performed on Austin Properties during the December Deed Restriction inspections.  The board is currently evaluating the findings of the audit and has decided to put a temporary moratorium on progression of all enforcements, fines, and fees associated with deed restriction violations until the review is completed.  Once the evaluation is completed, the board will decide, based on our governing documents, what violations are to be enforced.  The board asks for your patience and understanding during this time.

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