Are you having a special event that will require street parking? If so, please complete the no-tow request form found by clicking here.

Old Orchard has a “No Street Parking Permitted” policy. The only exceptions to this are “OBVIOUS AND IDENTIFIED SERVICE VEHICLES, LAWN CREW AND EMERGENCY VEHICLES”.So that your guest and service personnel in unmarked cars are not towed, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Guest Parking: If the resident will have guests and/or visitors, street parking is prohibited provided the home driveway is empty. The resident is responsible for ensuring any guest and/or visitor use the home driveway to park at all times. If the driveway is full, then the guest or visitor may park directly in front of the resident’s property. If there are more guests or visitors (like a party or other function) than the space available in the driveway and in front of the resident’s property, then the resident must notify the association by going to the official website and filling out the guest parking form.

The request for a variance MUST be submitted 1 HOUR in advance of your requested start time and clearly state the START TIME, AM or PM, and the DATE, guest will be arriving. The variance will be in effect for 24 hours from that DATE and TIME on the request. The variance shall be given for 5 homes left and right (all directions) of the property on both sides of the street. Otherwise, the resident, guest, or visitor parked on the street will be subject to towing. For any special circumstances not covered by this guideline or the variance form, the resident shall contact the Community Management Company to discuss alternatives.

1. Enforcement.

a. No Street Parking: Owners, guests and/or visitors of a resident may not park on the streets in the Community provided the home’s driveway is empty. This rule applies 24 hr. a day / 7 days a week.

b. Occupied driveway: In order to consider a driveway fully occupied, the following guidelines are providec:

i. Cars shall be parked as closed to the garage door as possible. Vehicles shall be parked within 2 feet, or less, from the garage door. The cars behind it shall be parked as close as possible, 2 ft. or less, to the bumper of the car in front of it. If the rear wheels remain on the street and not on the driveway, then the car can be parked in the street. The aim/goal is to utilize as much of the driveway space as possible, both length and width, before cars are parked in the street. This will account for those shorter driveways where it is difficult to fit 4 cars. The enforcement contractor will be looking at these guidelines to determine if a car is illegally parked in the street.

ii. If the driveway can accommodate 1, 2 or 3 car widths, then space between cars shall be no more than 3 ft., and no less than 1 ft. from the edge of the driveway.

iii. Periodic and Random inspections will be conducted by the Association, Association Parking Committee, and/or its management company. Vehicles in violation of this Parking Enforcement Procedure to the Parking Rules will be treated as follows:Towing of Vehicle: Association reserves the right to immediately tow the vehicle of any Owner, Short Term or Long Term Guests in violation of these parking rules.

  1. Parking on the streets and in cul-de-sacs is not permitted provided there is space in the resident's driveway. Any residents street-parked while their driveway is empty are subject to being towed. Street parking at any time, day or night, hinders access by other residents and by emergency (ambulance/fire/police) and service (trash/recycle/etc) vehicles, and increases the risk of blocking drivers’ view of playing children etc.
  2. No vehicles may be parked on a resident's lawn at any time, nor street-parked further than 18 inches parallel to the curb.
  3. Vehicles, if parked in cul-de-sacs, must be parked parallel to the curb and not nosed-in. Also see item “1” above.
  4. Overnight Parking is not permitted in the Clubhouse/Pool parking lot.

Street Parking